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Saturday, August 6, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD: Pak Sar Jamin Saad Baad by Humayun Azad

The best seller book of Humayun Azad, Pak Sar Jamin Saad BaadHis book Pak Sar Jamin Saad Baad is the first book by a Bangla Muslim that has taken seriously the theme of profanity and irreverence. This novel exposes the hypocrisy and debauchery underlying the so-called Pakistan movement that emerged from the oriental studies and implemented by the British in Indian sub-continent. This book exposes the vile nature of the so-called Maududists who lead the Jamt-e-Islam in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Download Pak Sar Jamin Saad Baad by Humayun Azad from here.

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