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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Free download: Tomy Maihr Kichen Bangla Recipe Books

Vuter Nam Romakanto Kamar by Imdadul Haq Milon

Recipe Book: Ranna Khaddo O Pusti by Seddika kobir


This is a genuine Bangla ghost story, this books totally written on ghost by Syed Mustafa Siraj.

Download- Nijhum Rater Atonko

Free Download: Opur Pachali by Satyajeet Roy

Apur Pachali (অপুর প্যাচালী) is one of the most talented creation by Sotojit Rai, this is another best translated bangla ebooks, Books size: 3.90 MB

Download- Opur Pachali

Free Download: The lost symbol by Dan Brown Bangla Onubad

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, Bangla Anubad
The lost symbol

Bangla Thriller Book: Nispotti by Roashan Zamil

Bangla Thriller Book: Mrittur Sadh By Rokib Hasan

Free Download: Bangla Byomkesh Bakshi - Detective Series

Ebooks of Sarat Chandra Chattapadhay

Sarat Chandra Chattapadhay

Bangla Books Download: Ebooks of Buddhadev Guha

Free Download: Arabbo Rajoni - Bangla Alif Laila Book

Free Download: Bantul Nonte Fonte Hada Voda- Bangla Comic Book

Friday, July 29, 2011

Free Download: A farewell to arms by Ernest Hemingway Bangla Onubad

Free Download: Harry Potter the Philosophers Stone- Bangla Onubad

Free Download: Raiders of The Lost Ark by Campbell Black- Bangla Onubad

Raiders of the lost ark is a adventure fiction by Campbell Black on which one of the Indiana jones adventure film made. Download this famous book Raiders of the lost ark by Campbell Black Bangla Anubad (Bengali Translated) from the below link.

Raiders of the lost ark by Campbell Black

Free Download: Masud Rana Series by Qazi Anwar Hussain

Masud Rana is a fictional character created in 1966 by writer Qazi Anwar Hussain, who featured him in over 400 novels. Hussain created the adult spy-thriller series Masud Rana, at first modeled after James Bond, but expanded widely.

Qazi Anwar Hussain
Qazi Anwar Hussain

So far 430 books have been published in this series which has gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh. Written from the 1960s and continuing to present day, books are published almost every month by Sheba Prokashoni, one of the most popular publishing house of Bangladesh. Although Qazi Anwar Hussain started the series, it is an open secret that nowadays he doesn't write it any more. A group of ghostwriters are employed to produce all the new Masud Rana titles. Download Masud Rana series from the link given below:

(Below given links are direct download, just click on the LMB and the download will start. If there any problem in downloading pls leave a comment.)

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Free Download: Train to Pakistan By Khushbant Singh in Bangla

Free Download: The Alchemist By Paolo Koelho in Bangla

Free Download: Targaner Golpo By Edgar Rice Burroughs in Bangla

Free Download: Lost Horizon By James Hilton in Bangla

Free Download: Joule Vern Somogro in Bangla

Free Download: The Vinci Code By Dan Brown in Bangla

Free Download: Count of Montecristo By Alexander Duma in Bangla

Download The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Duma from below link.

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Duma

Free Download: Ebooks of Sumanta Aslam

Free Download: Ebooks of Satyajeet Roy

Ebooks of Mir Mosharraf Hossain

Ebooks of Michael Madhusudan Dutta

Ebooks of Begum Rokeya

Begum Rokeya

Ebooks of Manik Bandopadhyay

Manik Bandopadhyay

Ebooks of Munir Chowdhury

Munir Chowdhury

Ebooks of Syed Waliullah

Syed Waliullah

Free Download: Ebooks of Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore

Ebooks of Selina Hossain

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free Download :Ebooks of Zahir Raihan

Download Ebooks of Zahir Raihan

@ banglabooks4free

Zahir Raihan was a Bangladeshi novelist, writer and filmmaker. He is perhaps best known for his documentaryStop Genocide made during the Bangladesh Liberation War. He disappeared on December 30, 1972 trying to locate his brother, the famous writer Shahidullah Kaiser, who was captured and killed by the Pakistan armyand/or local collaborators during the last days of the war. Evidences have been found that he was killed among many others when some armed Bihari collaborators and disguised soldiers of Pakistan Army fired on them when they went to Mirpur, a distant place from the main city of Dhaka that was still being held by Pakistani/Bihari collaborators.
Download some of his famous books :Hajar Bachhar Dhare (Through Thousand Years), Arek Falgun (Another Falgun Day), based on the Language Movement of 1952), Baraf Gala Nadi (The River of Icy Waters), Koyekti Mrittu (A Few Deaths), Trishna (Thirst), Ekushey February (Twenty First February) download these books and enjoy.

Zahir Rayhan
Zahir Raihan

Ebooks of Nirmolendu gun

Free Download: Ebooks of Kazi Nazrul Islam

Kazi Nazrul Islam

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