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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Free Download: Chacha Chaudhary Comics in Bangla

Chacha Chaudhary is one of the most famous Indian comic characters. He was created by Pran Kumar Sharma in 1969 though he first appeared in the Hindi comic magazine “LotPot” in 1971. His first comic was “Chacha Chaudhary and the Pocket Thief”. Chacha means uncle in Bangla. From then on he has come a long way selling almost ten million copies and being published in ten different languages.
Chacha Chaudhary is portrayed as a middle class, old Indian. Physically he is not strong but his strength lies in his brain. He is always shown as holding a stick and wearing a red turban.

Chacha Chowdhury comics in Bangla
Chacha Chowdhury
Chacha Chaudhary is remarkably different from other superheroes whether Indian or foreign that he does not have a single superpower to his credit except of course his mind about which it is said that “Chacha Ji’s brain is sharper than a needle and works faster than a supercomputer”. Chacha Ji has solved more than eighty cases till now, most of them involving supernatural or scientific threats. He has a red convertible as his car.
Raka who was a dacoit earlier but became immortal after drinking a magic potion and Gobar Singh are the main enemies of Chacha Chaudhary. Currently Diamond Comics are the publishers of Chacha Chaudhary. Even though he has immense fan following, Chacha Chaudhary series has drawn ire of some for its poor illustrations and incorrect English translations. Download Chacha Chaudhary comics in Bangla from here. 

Supporting characters


Sabu is an alien from the planet Jupiter, always faithful to Chacha and provides the physical strength in time of need. He is huge and strong, about 15 feet tall. In some comics he is able to increase his size. He wears only a wrestler's kachha (briefs), a pair of ear-rings and a pair of gum-boots.
Sabu decided to stay at Earth with Chacha Chowdhary when he tasted delicious paratha and halwa made by Chachi during his visit to earth. Sabu has a twin brother called Dabu and the giant earrings that Sabu wears had been gifted to him by his mother when he left Jupiter. According to the comics, whenever Sabu gets angry, a volcano erupts in Jupiter(this is stated in a panel with a picture of a volcano erupting, which says, "When Sabu is Angry, a Volcano Erupts on JUPITER."). Whenever he performs an act of great strength, he utters the cry, "Hu-Huba!". Sabu eats 108 chapatis at one time, 12 kilos of halwa and about 20 litres of lassi in one meal. He is not married, and avoids the topic. Sabu has very less brain he only follow instructions and do not uses his mind.
Sabu's biggest enemy is Raka, who is of the same size as that of Sabu.

Bini Chachi

Chacha Chowdhary's wife Bini is a fat, dominating lady who is the boss of the house and occasionally battles the thieves with her belan (rolling pin). She is usually dressed in polka dotted sari and has a hair style matching 70s' style of Indian actresses. Although very kind hearted with all the attributes of a strict but caring wife, she often complains Chacha of not buying her gold bangles and she has to cook for Sabu although she serves as a mother figure for Sabu. In one comic she is shown with stirring a giant pot with a ladle for Sabu and serving him more affectionately than Chachaji.

Chhajju Chaudhary

A secret that many of the characters in the comics do not know is that Chacha Chowdhary has a twin brother named Chhajju Chaudhary, who is not as gifted as Chachaji. In many stories he proves to be the secret weapon to dodge the corrupts and goons. He was once taken to Mars by aliens mistaking him as Chacha Chowdhary.

Rocket (Raaket)

Rocket is Chacha Chowdhary's pet dog. He is rather well known as raaket. The only characteristic of this dog is defined in the line "chacha choudary ka kutaa ssurrlup ssurrlup doodh peeta hai" (Chacha Choudhary's dog drinks milk) & the fact that he is the only vegetarian dog in the whole world.

Download Chacha Chaudhary Comics in Bangla. Just click the link below.

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